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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Honeywell Thermostat CT50A User Manual

CT50A. CT51 A, CT52A-, CT53i Thermostats INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CELIA is for most gas and oil heating systems. CT53A is for millivoltage heating systems. Do-it-yourself models PREPARATION CONTENTS STEP PREPARATION 1 THERMOSTAT FEATURES 2 REMOVING OLD THERMOSTAT 3 WIRE AND MOUNT NEW THERMOSTAT 4 CHECK OUT THE THERMOSTAT 5 THERMOSTAT SETTING 6 TROUBLESHOOTING 7 RECALIBRATE THERMOMETER 8 CHECK OUT THE THERMOSTAT operates. OFF-heating and cooling sys- tems are disconnected. COOL--cooling system only operates. The fan switch COntrOiS a* fOllOWS: AUTO-fan operates when heating or coaling system operates. ON--fan operates continu- ous,y. THERMOSTAT SETTING On CTS,A. ,,lace the sys- q tem and fan switches at the desired setiings for operation. q temperatureona,, models. settingmc’“eieverihe to the desired temperature com- ,ort level. Major swings RECALIBRATE THERMOMETER if the thermostat set point and the Fo;;rftilneadings are the same. thermometer reading da not agree. the replace cover and put the system thermometer may need recalibration. FO,,OW the proceduy below. I,the readings aredifferent, in*ert RemovethermostatCO”fzl. q a hex -’head wrench in the ther- 0 setthe cover onatable nearan mometertheimometel~ shaft hz3”eand theturnsame it reading.until the q accuratethermometer. q Replaceintooperation. cover and put the system

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