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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Honeywell Thermostat V4062B User Manual

V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF Fluid Power Gas Valve Actuator PRODUCT DATA • The standard model has an opening time of 26 seconds at 60 Hz, or 32 seconds at 50 Hz. A fast- opening model is available, with timings of 13 seconds at 60 Hz, or 16 seconds at 50 Hz. • Maximum closing time is one second, which meets code, standard, insurer requirements. • Damper shaft models are available with or without spring return; shaft extends out both sides and rides in Delrin bushings; used with standard damper crank arm (part no. 7616BR). • Red OPEN indicator attached to the actuator stem shows when the valve is even slightly open; yellow SHUT indicator on the valve stem shows only when the gas valve is fully closed. • Ambient temperature range is -40° to 150°F (-40° to 66°C) for 60 Hz models; -10° to 158°F (23° to 70°C) for 50 Hz and 50/60 Hz models. • Models available with factory adjusted, field- adjustable, single-pole-double throw (spdt) auxiliary switch rated at 1/2 hp (0.37 kW). Auxiliary switch can APPLICATION be added in the field. • Low-fire position is adjustable with adjusting wrench, The V4062 Gas Valve Actuator in combination with a V5055 part no. 135796 (included with the actuator). or V5097 Gas Valve provides three-position control of the gas supply to commercial and industrial burners. • Standard enclosure meets NEMA 1 (IP30) general purpose requirements. • V4062/V5055C,E and V4062/V5097C,E combinations available with a proof-of-closure switch and double FEATURES valve seal (valve seal overtravel interlock) to meet • When energized, the V4062 Actuator opens the V5055/ specific code/standard/insurer requirements. V5097 Gas Valve to the low-fire position. The actuator • Model available to be used with series 60 floating opens the valve to the fully open position when the type controller. line voltage contacts are made. • Model available with adjustable maximum flow • When used with the V5055, V5097 or VE5000 Gas switch. Valve, the combination is rated for final safety shutoff service. • Although the V4062 can be used with all V5055 or V5097 Valve models, the V5055/V5097B with characterized guide is recommended for optimum Contents control and low-fire repeatability Application .......................................................................... 1 Features .............................................................................. 1 Specifications...................................................................... 2 Ordering Information........................................................... 2 Installation ........................................................................... 4 Wiring .................................................................................. 5 Adjustments ........................................................................ 6 Operation ............................................................................ 7 Service and Checkout ........................................................ 8 ® U.S. Registered Trademark Copyright © 1998 Honeywell Inc. • All Rights Reserved 60-2099-8 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR SPECIFICATIONS Table 2. Fast-opening V4062A,D Actuators. Voltage Opening Holding IMPORTANT: Frequency WVaWVa The specifications given in this publication do not include normal manufacturing tolerances. 120V/60 Hz 59.5 129 19.0 28.0 Therefore, this unit may not exactly match the listed 220V/50 Hz 84.0 196 17.0 27.0 specifications. Also, this product is tested and calibrated under closely controlled conditions, and 220V/50 Hz 82.0 180 16.5 26.4 some minor differences in performance can be 220-240V 74.5 143.5 13.7 24.8 expected if those conditions are changed. a 50/60 Hz Models: 220-240V 61.9 112 11.2 20.5 V4062A HI-LO-OFF Gas Valve Actuator. 50/60 Hzb V4062B HI-LO-OFF Gas Valve Actuator, high pressure. a 230V, 50 Hz power supply. V4062D HI-LO-OFF Gas Valve Actuator with proof-of- b closure switch. Use with V5055/V5097C,E (double 230V, 60 Hz power supply.. seal) gas valves for valve seal overtravel interlock. Do not use V4062 with V5034 Valve body. Fast-opening V4062B Actuators (Table 3): 60 Hz, 13 second opening. Electrical Ratings: 50 Hz, 16 second opening. Standard V4062A,D Actuators (Table 1): 60 Hz, 26 second opening. Table 3. Fast-opening V4062B Actuators. 50 Hz, 32 second opening. Voltage Opening Holding Table 1. Standard V4062A,D Actuators. Frequency WVaW Va a Voltage Opening Holding 220-240V /50/60 Hz 76.5 150.6 13.3 28.8 b Frequency WVaWVa220-240V /50/60 Hz 64.4 118.2 11 23.2 a 120V /60 Hz 59.5 129 19.0 28.0 230V, 50 Hz power supply. b 230V, 60 Hz power supply. 100V 53.0/42.7 105/80 20.0/17.2 33/29 50/60 Hz Pressure Ratings Of Valve-Actuator Combinations: 200V 72.01/52.5 160/110 18.4/16.2 28/24 See Table 4. 50/60 Hz Fast-opening V4062A,D Actuators (Table 2): 60 Hz, 13 second opening. 50 Hz, 16 second opening. ORDERING INFORMATION When purchasing replacement and modernization products from your TRADELINE® wholesaler or distributor, refer to the TRADELINE® Catalog or price sheets for complete ordering number. If you have additional questions, need further information, or would like to comment on our products or services, please write or phone: 1. Your local Home and Building Control Sales Office (check white pages of your phone directory). 2. Home and Building Control Customer Logistics Honeywell Inc., 1885 Douglas Drive North Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422-4386 (612) 951-1000 In Canada—Honeywell Limited/Honeywell Limitée, 155 Gordon Baker Road, North York, Ontario M2H 3N7. International Sales and Service Offices in all principal cities of the world. Manufacturing in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, U.S.A. 60-2099—8 2 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR Table 4. Pressure Ratings of Valve-Actuators Combinations. V4062A,D Actuatora V4062B Actuator Differentialb Closeoffc Differentialb Closeoffc Valve psi mbar psi bar psi mbar psi bar V5055A,C; V5097A,C 3/4 to 3 in. 5 340 15 1 15 1000 15 1 V5055A,C 4 in. 3 200 15 1 5 340 15 1 V5055B, V5097B 3/4 to 3 in. 5 340 15 1 15 1000 15 1 V5055B 4 in. 3 200 15 1 5 340 15 1 V5055D,E 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2 in.; 5 340 75 5 25 1700 75 5 V5097D 3/4 in. to 2 in. V5055D,E; V5097D,E 2, 2-1/2, 3 in. 5 340 45 3 15 1000 45 3 a Use a V4062D (with proof-of-closure switch) with a V5055/V5097C or E (with double seal) for valve seal overtravel interlock. b Maximum operating pressure differential. c Maximum closeoff pressure without seal leakage. this is the maximum allowable pressure drop to which a valve may be subjected while fully closed, and is independent of the valve body rating. Auxiliary Switch And Proof-Of-Closure Switch Ratings: Nominal Opening Time: See Table 5. Standard Models: 26 sec at 60 Hz; 32 sec at 50 Hz. Fast-opening Models: 13 sec at 60 Hz; 16 sec at 50 Hz. Table 5. Auxiliary Switch and Proof-of-Closure Switch Ratings (1/2 hp [0.37 kW]a). Closing Time: 1 sec maximum Load 120V 240V Damper Shaft: Full Load 9.8A 4.9A 3/8 in. sq (9.5 mm) for use with 7616BR Damper Crank Locked Rotor 58.8A 29.4A Arm (not included). Models available with or without a Maximum total connected power to both switches (if used) damper shaft return spring. is 1800 VA. Maximum Damper Shaft Rotation: Mounting: 52 angular degrees. Mounts directly to V5055/V5097 Valve with two setscrews positioned 90 degrees apart. Maximum Force: Valve and actuator can be mounted in any position At 2-11/16 in. (68.3 mm) radius for 7616BR Damper (multipoise). Crank Arm (ordered separately). NOTE: 220 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz models must be mounted NOTE: Damper shaft drives damper crank arm in one vertically. direction only; optional return spring is available on damper shaft to turn damper crank arm in opposite Mounting Dimensions: direction. See Table 6. See Fig. 1. Table 6. Actuator Torque (With and Low-Fire Adjustment: Without Return Spring). 0.17 inch to 0.64 inch (with respect to V5055/V5097B ° ° ° ° Valve) valve stem travel. -40 F to 20 F 20 F to 150 F V4062 (-40°C to -7°C) (-70°C to 66°C) NOTE: The low-fire position of the V5055/V5097A,C,D and Model lb N lb N E Valves differ from the V5055/V5097B. Check the valve flow curves and match the low-fire position to Without return 5 22.2 20 89.0 the burner design and valve application. spring With return spring 5 22.2 10 44.5 3 60-2099—8 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR 6-3/4 (171.5) INSTALLATION 3-23/32 (94.5) 5 (127.0) 27/32 When Installing This Product… (21.4) 1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them could damage the product or cause a hazardous condition. 1-9/32 (32.5) 2. Check the ratings given in the instructions and on the product to make sure the product is suitable for your 1 application. A 3. Installer must be a trained experienced, flame safeguard control technician. 4. After installation is complete, check out product operation as prided in these instructions. KNOCKOUT FOR 1/2 INCH CONDUIT (4) WARNING B Electrical Shock Hazard. Can cause serious injury or death. VALVE VALVE Disconnect power supply before making wiring connections to prevent electrical shock and equipment damage. IMPORTANT 1 ALLOW 4 IN. (101.6 MM) CLEARANCE FOR ACTUATOR REMOVAL. 1. All wiring must comply with all applicable electrical V5055 V5097 codes, ordinances, and regulations. All wiring must VALVE SIZE DIM A DIM B DIM A DIM B be NEC Class 1. INCH IN. MM IN. MM IN. MM IN. MM 2. Voltage and frequency of the power supply 3/4 11-1/8 282.6 2-3/4 69.9 11-1/8 283 2-3/4 70 connected to this control must agree with those 1 11-1/8 282.6 2-3/4 69.9 11-1/8 283 2-3/4 70 marked on the device. 1-1/4 11-1/8 282.6 2-3/4 69.9 11-1/8 283 2-3/4 70 3. Loads connected to the auxiliary switch and/or 1-1/2 11-1/8 282.6 2-3/4 69.9 11-1/8 283 2-3/4 70 proof-of-closure switch, if used, must not exceed 2 11-1/4 285.8 2-7/8 73.0 11-3/4 298 3-3/8 86 the ratings given in the Specifications section. 2-1/2 11-3/4 298.5 3-3/8 85.7 11-3/4 298 3-3/8 86 4. When replacing a V6034 Actuator with a V4062, the 3 11-3/4 298.5 3-3/8 85.7 11-3/4 298 3-3/8 86 V5034 Valve body must be changed to a V5055 4 14-1/8 358.8 5-13/16 147.6 — — — — Valve. 5. Do not attempt to use the V4062 Actuator with the M10981 V4055/V5034 Adapter. Differences in stem travel Fig. 1. Approximate mounting dimensions can prevent correct low fire adjustment. of V4062 Actuators in in. (mm). Ambient Operating Temperature Rating: Install Valve -40° to 150°F (-40° to 66°C) for 60 Hz models; The actuator is installed directly on the V5055/V5097 body -10° to 158°F (-23° to 70°C) for 50 Hz and 50/60 Hz after the valve is installed in the gas supply line. Refer to the models. instructions packed with the V5055/V5097 Gas Valve for installation details. When installing the valve, assure that: Approvals: 1. Sufficient clearance is allowed for actuator installation Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. MH1639, and service. Guide No. YIOZ. 2. Ambient temperatures at the valve location do not Factory Mutual: Approved. exceed actuator ratings. International Approval Services (Joint Venture of the 3. Position of the valve permits damper hookup if one is American Gas Association [AGA] and the Canadian controlled. Gas Association [CGA]): Certified 60 Hz models only. Industrial Risk Insurers Acceptable. Install Accessory Switches (If Needed) Some V4062 Actuators are approved as Class A valves in An spdt switch can be installed to operate an auxiliary load accordance with EN161: up to 1/2 hp (0.37 kW). The switch can be adjusted to When used with V5055 Valves: Pin: CE-0063AR1359. operate at any point in the valve stroke. When used with VE5000 Series Valves: Pin: CE- 0063AP3075. A proof-of-closure switch can also be installed with a V5055/ V5097C or E Valve (with double seal) on any V4062 Actuator Accessories: to provide a valve seal overtravel interlock. The spdt proof-of- 133568 Auxiliary Switch Bag Assembly. closure switch is installed to make or break a circuit when 133569 Proof-of-Closure Switch Bag Assembly. (Must be the valve is in the closed position. The switch is not used with a V5055/V5097C or E with double seal). adjustable. 135796 Wrench (included with the actuator). 7616BR Damper Crank Arm (damper arm and clip). 60-2099—8 4 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR NOTE: Mark the actuator or valve to indicate any changes Mount and Adjust 7616BR Damper Crank made. Arm (If Used) To install the switches, proceed as follows: The damper crank arm provides a maximum travel of 1. Remove the actuator faceplate (two screws). 2-5/16 in. (58.7 mm) through a stroke of 52 degrees. See 2. Remove the silver-colored barrier to expose the Fig. 3. If the V4062 has a damper shaft return spring, actuator stem. dampers go to the closed position when power is interrupted 3. Insert the auxiliary switch in the position indicated in by the programmer. Refer to the instructions packed with the Fig. 2. Fasten with two screws through the actuator 7616BR Damper Crank Arm for complete installation base. information. 4. Insert the proof-of-closure switch in the position shown in Fig. 2. The proof-of-closure switch mounts against the side of the actuator housing. The mounting holes WIRING are spaced to allow mounting the switch only in the correct position. Fasten with two screws through the Wiring must comply with all applicable electrical codes, actuator base. ordinances, and regulations. Wiring to the actuator and to 5. If only one switch is used, install the narrow barrier the controller must be NEC Class 1. included with the switch in the unused space. 6. Mount the actuator before making wiring connections Connect the power from the flame safeguard control to and adjustments to the auxiliary switch. terminals 1 and 2 on the V4062 terminal strip, and connect the firing rate controller to terminals 3 and 4. Refer to Fig. 4 for typical connection. Fig. 5 shows the wiring for connecting the Max Flow Limit Switch to the actuator. For other typical system hookups, refer to the instructions packed with the device used to control the valve. 133568 When all wiring connections are complete, replace the AUXILIARY actuator faceplate. SWITCH (OR MAX FLOW LIMIT SWITCH, FACTORY INSTALLED) CAUTION 133569 Equipment Damage Hazard. PROOF-OF- Can cause equipment damage or improper and CLOSURE SWITCH dangerous operation. Label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing valves. Wiring errors can cause improper and AUXILIARY SWITCH OR MAX dangerous operation. FLOW LIMIT SWITCH ADJUSTMENT SCREW LOW-FIRE ADJUSTMENT CAM M7338A 7616BR 52 DEGREE DAMPER Fig. 2. V4062 Actuator with cover removed. ANGULAR ARM ROTATION 2-5/16 (58.7) Mount Actuator On Valve MAXIMUM SHAFT Check the final position of the V5055/V5097 Valve body to TRAVEL be sure that the actuator will be in the proper position when mounted on the valve. This is especially important when the actuator is used to drive a damper. If two smaller size valves are mounted very close together, as in an Industrial Risk Insurers type valve train, it may be 2-11/16 (68.3) necessary to mount the actuators off center to provide RADIUS M7322 adequate clearance. Fig. 3. 7616BR Damper Crank Arm can be Slip the bottom collar of the actuator over the valve bonnet attached to actuator shaft to drive a damper assembly. Rotate the actuator to the desired position and at same time valve is opened. use a 5/32-inch Allen wrench to securely tighten the two setscrews (50 to 60 lb-in. [5.7 to 6.8 N•m]). Connect the damper linkage, if used. Refer to the instructions packed with the damper crank arm. 5 60-2099—8 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR ADJUSTMENTS FIRING RATE 2 CONTROLLER Low-Fire Adjustment L1 1 HOT L2 The low-fire position is adjustable from 0.16 in. to 0.64 in. 4 (with respect to V5055/V5097B Valve) valve stem travel. A 341 dial on the low-fire cam (Fig. 6) indicates the low-fire setting. L2 3 2 Because the cam rotates as the valve opens, scales are marked on the dial so the low-fire setting can be observed with the valve in any position. One scale is visible when the FLAME SAFEGUARD PROGRAMMERÐMAIN actuator is closed, and the other is visible when it is open. AUXILIARY VALVE CONNECTIONS These scales are not independent; the same setting applies SWITCH to both. The low-fire setting is adjusted either before the C C actuator is installed or after the entire system is operational. NC NC Refer to form 70-8311 for valve flow (capacity) curves. NO NO IMPORTANT: When using the V4062 with a V5055/V5097C or E Valve (with double seal), match low-fire minimum position to burner and application. Too low a PROOF-OF- position could result in loss of burner flame. This 5 CLOSURE SWITCH 5 low-fire position should also be checked at periodic 6 6 maintenance intervals. 1 POWER FROM FLAME SAFEGUARD CONTROL. For most effective use of the V4062/V5055 or V4062/V5097, 2 ACTUATOR OPENS TO LOW-FIRE POSITION WHEN FIRING RATE be sure to select a valve body size closely corresponding to CONTROLLER SWITCH IS OPEN AND LINE VOLTAGE IS SUPPLIED burner capacity. An oversized valve might not allow the low- TO TERMINALS L1 AND L2. ACTUATOR OPENS FULLY WHEN THE FIRING RATE CONTROLLER SWITCH IS CLOSED AND POWER IS fire rate to be adjusted to the desired minimum setting. SUPPLIED TO TERMINALS L1 AND L2. 3 INTERNAL JUMPER. The V4062 Actuator is shipped from the factory with the low- 4 FOR LOW-FIRE ADJUSTMENT AFTER BURNER IS IN OPERATION. fire setting at MAX to provide a valve gas flow of DISCONNECT FIRING RATE CONTROLLER LEADWIRE FROM approximately 50 to 60 percent, which is adequate for safe TERMINAL 4. lightoff until the final setting can be determined. 5 SWITCH BETWEEN THESE TWO LEADS IS CLOSED WHEN VALVE IS SHUT (DE-ENERGIZED). LOW- 6 SWITCH BETWEEN THESE TWO LEADS IS OPEN WHEN VALVE IS FIRE SHUT (DE-ENERGIZED). M7339 CAM Fig. 4. Typical hookup for V4062 Actuator. DIAL 7800 SERIES SETSCREW RELAY L2 MODULE MAX E 9 D PUMP C VALVE LO FIRE B 1 2 A MIN MAX DUAL 34 PUMP LOW-FIRE MOTOR SETPOINT INDICATORS TRAVEL (SHOWN AT LIMIT ADJUSTABLE MAX WITH NO MAX M7340 SWITCH FLOW VALVE OPEN) NC LIMIT SWITCH FIELD WIRING C Fig. 6. Low-fire position can be adjusted from 0.16 in. to INTERNAL WIRING M12798 0.64 in. (with respect to V5055/V5097B) valve stem travel. Fig. 5. Connecting Max Flow Limit Switch to the actuator. 60-2099—8 6 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR Recommended Procedure Adjust Auxiliary Switch (If Used) To adjust the low-fire setting without energizing the actuator, The auxiliary switch can be adjusted to operate at any point proceed as follows: in the actuator stroke. After installing the switch in the 1. Remove the wiring compartment cover. actuator, turn the adjustment screw (Fig. 2) clockwise 2. Manually rotate the cam and dial assembly downward to cause the switch to operate earlier in the stroke or turn so that the setscrew is accessible from the front of the counterclockwise to cause the switch to operate later actuator. in the stroke. 3. Loosen the setscrew on the low-fire cam using the special wrench (supplied taped to the inside of the NOTE: The proof-of-closure switch is not adjustable. actuator cover). 4. Set the cam to the predetermined low-fire setting for Adjust Max Flow Limit Switch (Fig. 2) the burner being used. 5. Tighten the setscrew in the cam. The Max Flow Limit Switch is adjustable throughout the 6. Replace the wiring compartment cover. actuator stroke. With the switch installed in the actuator, turn the adjusting screw clockwise to cause the switch to operate earlier in the stroke (less flow) or counterclockwise Alternate Procedure to cause the switch to operate later in the stroke (more flow). To adjust the low-fire setting after the burner is in operation, use the following instructions: 1. Remove the wiring compartment cover. OPERATION 2. Check to be sure the low-fire adjustment is set at MAX to assure a safe lightoff. (Low-fire adjustment is preset To function as intended, the V4062 must be connected to a at the factory in the MAX position.) properly sized valve. Too large a valve will not properly 3. Disconnect the firing rate controller leadwire from control the gas flow. terminal 4 on the actuator to keep the valve in the low- fire position (Fig. 4). When the actuator is energized, it drives to the adjustable 4. Start the system and establish the main burner flame. low-fire position. Depending on the demand of the controller, 5. Loosen the setscrew in the cam (Fig. 5) with the the valve remains at low-fire or moves to the high-fire special wrench. Keep the wrench seated in the position. When the firing rate controller calls for no heat, the setscrew. Rotate the cam slightly downward (by actuator returns the valve to the low-fire position. When moving the wrench toward the actuator base) to open power to the actuator is interrupted, the valve completely the bleed valve. The actuator will start to close. closes. 6. When the valve reaches the desired low-fire position, quickly tighten the setscrew and remove the wrench. If Fig. 4 shows the V4062 in a typical flame safeguard control the desired low-fire setting is missed, loosen the system. setscrew and rotate the cam in the opposite direction to the desired setpoint. 7. Shut down the burner, and then restart. Repeat several times to be sure the low-fire setting is suitable for correct burner lightoff. Readjust, if necessary. 8. Disconnect power and reconnect the controller leadwire removed in step 3. 9. Replace the wiring compartment cover. 7 60-2099—8 V4062A,B,D HI-LO-OFF FLUID POWER GAS VALVE ACTUATOR OUTDOOR SERVICE AND CHECKOUT SENSOR W964 CAUTION INDOOR Equipment Damage Hazard. SENSOR Unskilled technicians can damage the equipment. Only experienced, trained flame safeguard control CBA service technicians should service or replace this control. L1 Service 1 R1 R2 2 RELAY RELAY The actuator is not field repairable, except for replacing the COIL COIL auxiliary switch or valve-closed indication switch. See Installation section for procedure. Do not disassemble the valve actuator. If the actuator should fail to operate properly, L2 replace it. TO MAIN VALVE 1 TEMINAL ON Checkout R1 R2 PROGRAMMER RELAY RELAY 2 After the installation is complete, cycle the valve several CONTACT CONTACT times with the manual fuel shutoff cock closed before testing the system in actual operation. V4062 V4062A1156 Fluid Power Gas Actuator The V4062A1156 Fluid Power Gas Valve Actuator was 3 4 1 modified to provide modulation between high-and low-fire 2 L2 positions when used with a Series 60 controller, such as the W964 Aquatrol® System and two auxiliary relays. The V4062A1156 will not operate properly wired similarly to C AUX. V4055 other V4062 models. See Fig. 7 for suggested wiring NC SWITCH procedure. NO 5 1 2 Ratings: Voltage: 120V, 60 Hz. Nominal Opening Time: 26 seconds. 1 R1 Ð NORMALLY CLOSED RELAY CONTACT. Closing Time: one second maximum. 2 R2 Ð NORMALLY OPEN RELAY CONTACT. M7341 See Specifications section for further specifications. Fig. 7. Suggested wiring diagram. Home and Building Control Home and Building Control Honeywell Asia Pacific Inc. Honeywell Inc. Honeywell Limited-Honeywell Limitée Room 3213-3225 Honeywell Plaza 155 Gordon Baker Road Sun Hung Kai Centre P.O. Box 524 North York, Ontario No. 30 Harbour Road Minneapolis MN 55408-0524 M2H 3N7 Wanchai Hong Kong Honeywell Latin American Region Honeywell Europe S.A. 480 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway 3 Avenue du Bourget Suite 200 1140 Brussels Sunrise FL 33325 Belgium Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper containing at least 10% 60-2099—860-2099—8 G.R. Rev. 9-98 post-consumer 8 paper fibers.

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